Ascent Strategies International (ASI) is one of the world’s leading innovators of implementing tax optimization strategies for  tax minimization and wealth preservation.

We maintain a world-class global network of professionals in the taxation, accountancy and legal disciplines.  Our staff of professional specialists deliver sophisticated solutions for both individual and corporate clients. We advise clients, working with them and their advisers to achieve tailored solutions, with the specific goal of tax minimization and wealth preservation.



are strategically connected in major business centers to apply a global perspective to taxation laws and their benefits for a tailored solution.

A global perspective means being open to new ideas and possibilities. Often times, it even means being open to a new system that works better. It means forward thinking and willing to use favorable laws from various countries. 

Los Angeles


Established in 1984, ASI is a boutique consultancy firm offering a wide spectrum of legal, advisory and litigation services in the fields of international tax law.  In today’s environment there are many complex legal, tax and operational issues that require an innovative approach combined with a thorough knowledge of country-specific tax, legal and regulatory practices.

Our specialists use their extensive experience in legal, compliance, accounting and tax law disciplines to solve these tax, legal and business challenges.  Whether you are an individual, a small local company, multinational corporation or government entity, ASI consistently delivers results by empowering the possibilities to achieve your ambitions.



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